Persian Kittens in Florida: Tampa, Wesley Chapel 

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Sale event until 9/1/19: have kittens $299-399, re-home older

 (12-16 weeks kitten), please contact and request

availability, email, call or text, free retired older cats 

rehoming fee $100 paid to complete full vet check up

before rehoming, paid to a vet)

I'm also retiring and will be rehoming  almost all my

king and queens, let me know in interested , call 813-679-2209 and make an offer!


Welcome to my website!

1.  All pics are of existing kittens ,  

 2.Particular kitten(this brown/white female sold on 8/31/19 ) but possibly similar kitten available, just ask

3. I will try to date pictures and mark them with contact information

4.I may be asking for a deposit   secure the kitten ,  use Pay Pal only, if kitten is ready no deposit needed

5. If you decide to put a deposit just keep in mind , i will refund it in case if something happened with the kitten, in other case if you'll change your mind it will be not refundable

6. I can put on hold ,meet half way, deliver, and ship ( i will take a deposit if shipment or driving is necessary) It may be not enough time during holidays, contact. 

7. Please meet me only if you decided to buy; I can send you all information and pictures you needed

8 All kittens are sold with Florida health certificate ( under certain condition such as  time matter is given a discount under responsibility of the buyer to obtain it during 48 h. This would not usually work as all of them are taken to vet at 8 w or ASAP after) or unless kitten is free

9 Try to arrange meeting for early morning, as kittens do not take heat well . We will meet in public. (Adjustable) But these days are always safest way to meet and works the best. Most of the buyers and me feeling safer having people around. Not a bad idea at all

10. I meet any time it is possible to arrange, and ill do it unless i'm working.If I do I would try to deliver it next day and you will save driving time and gas.

 Please use information below to contact or message me through this website


 The only numbers  8136792209 text/call

 or 81330061719 text/call, ill call back) are  numbers  to contact

email: [email protected]

Due to Hoobly not being safe:

If you were contacted by any other numbers except 

813 679 2209 or 813 3006171

, or another  email than [email protected]


those are possibly not from me and paying when you ll see the kitten is the safest way


I'm taking pay pal, cash, money order checks and personal checks if for  a deposit, final payment pay pal,  cash, debit card , credit card , it connected to [email protected], but prefer to meet  in person. If kitten is ready I do not need a deposit.

Do not send  the money! Request new pics to check on a kitten you are going to put a deposit. Doing that please remember the deposit is non refundable unless stated differently. It ok to use  a deposit on another kitten later. Come and buy in person, please Have a blessed day and be safe! Thank you for choosing my kittens and see you soon.

Thank you for visiting my website

ALL CATS AND KITTENS ARE SOLD WITH FDA HEALTH CERTIFICATE ( includes leukemia testing, fecal test for coccidia and core vaccine immunization to be current) unless it is for free and given under total care of the new owner. No other papers  obligated to be provided unless for breeding or separate agreement,

Are you looking for the most beautiful, healthy, and affectionate Persian kitten?

Do you want a Persian kitten with blue or green eyes? They rare but sometimes I have them.

Do you want the kitten to have outstanding personality and a breeder always there for you to help ?

I will do my best to make this site helpful to the customers , breeders and just people who like to receive more information

This site is new is still under development and please do not judge hard Im still working on it

Pictures and prices : subject to change 

Thank you for viewing!


       HOME: picts, extra pics, classification, prices. This is a page to receive more information about every kitten.

       AVAILABLE KITTENS: generally more pics

       Also call or text 8136792209. Remember I work AROUND YOUR SCHEDULE but since the time is limited I will ask you to have a pic of the kitten you like ready

       Sometimes there are the situation when are kittens are to be adopted by pair or somehow you feel that the price possibly MAY BE ADJUSTED as situations on a market is changing please contact me. I m very reasonable but who knows , it is possible. Situations are different and Im very flexible

White kitten copper eyes
White kitten with blue eyes
Silver shaded Persian kitten
Brown golden tabby Persian
Blue point , Seal point Himalayan Persian kitten
Red, cream
Calico Persian 

All kittens are on sale!!

Again, ill accept all reasonable offers as long my kittens are going to be treated well

Kittens are ready to go 8136792209, local pick up is preferred, but shipment and delivery is available, email 

address is [email protected]

If kitten is not ready to go ( age 8-10 weeks ) deposit  is taken to hold the kitten ( PAY PAL 



female , ready end of June



Male  8 w after 6/22, silver( and white),  ready now


#3 white female odd eyes(one copper one blue)

 one kitten available


 ready end of June-p beginning of July


Cream Persian female, ready end of June



white male




 Blue point Persian male




Blue point Persian female kitten ready now



Brown cream white calico female 


 ready now


White male 8 weeks




Calico( silver/ cream/white)




Smoke/white male 


 ready after 7/8/20


silver/white male

ready after 7/8/20


 nBlack/white female



silver tabby female

$799 ready now

All prices are negotiable, 20% off on a second  less cost kitten,  or if reserved and prepaid. If offer made make sure that in 24h you can pick up or pay until time for pick up  adjusted (no more than a week if kitten is ready)

Form of payment: cash preferred, Pay Pal(deposit or distant), debit and credit available when meet (to ensure unnecessary contacts cash preferred)