Persian Kittens in Florida: Tampa, Wesley Chapel 

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>available kittens:( on 2/17/19 only blue point almost white female available and black/white male)

 blue, blue/cream, silver, brown, white with  copper eyes , white with blue eyes, red, silver pointed blue eyes, blue pointed blue eyes, seal pointed, dark brown, bicolor black /white, black, bicolor brown/white, calico blue, cream, white

>available retired adults age 1-4 y. old. they might  be fixed before rehoming

>shipment and delivery available( extra cost) 

> breeding rights ( extra cost)

Availability changes, more or less , Please , contact or Check the home page first, please for available kittens   


on sale silver shaded male 18 weeks

white male blue  eyes


white female lynx, blue eyes


Brown tabby Persian male 

 12 weeks 


Silver male 12 weeks

Cream Persian kitten male ready after 4/15./20 at 8 w old

B brown/white  Persian kitten, female ready at 8 w after 4/15/20

Blue point almost white Persian male 11 w, ready now updated 3/23/20

Silver shaded male ready after 4/22/20 updated 3/23/20

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